Mouse Toolbox for Presenters and Trainers

PointerFocus is a handy Windows application designed for presenters, trainers and teachers who want to highlight their mouse pointer. The application offers some easy-to-use functions such as highlight cursor, mouse spotlight, keystroke visualization, magnifier and on-screen annotation.

With the help of PointerFocus you can keep your audience focus on the area of interest and make your demonstration more understandable.

PointerFocus Demo Video

PointerFocus Features:

Highlight mouse pointer with a colored circle, and when you click the mouse button the ring animation can show your mouse click actions to your audience. Highlight mouse pointer
Keystroke visualization can show your audience which shortcuts you have just pressed. This feature can help you make your demonstration more understandable. Keystroke visualisation
Mouse Spotlight - when you choose this tool, it will dim the screen and put a "spotlight" around your mouse pointer. This can focus your audience's attention to the area of interest. Mouse Spotlight
On-Screen Annotation Pen - when you choose this tool, you can use your mouse pointer annotate any part of the screen with customized color and pen width. On-Screen Annotation Pen
Screen Magnifier - when you choose this tool, you can show your audience details of any part on the screen. Screen Magnifier
Android Remote Control - You can use Android App to remote control mouse actions and PointerFocus functions. Android Remote Control

Who needs PointerFocus?

  • Teachers
  • Presenters
  • Demo Makers
  • Trainers


System Requirements
Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP